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From her father she inherited a love for cheap zinfandels and an allergy to cats. From her mother she inherited a love of the sea and a desperate need to know the ending of books before she read them.

Kira Joy. 22. California. INFJ.

This song is actually making me cry right now because I love Jimmy Buffett so much I’m sorry.

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— 8 months ago
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This is the only song I’m in a serious relationship with at the moment.

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— 8 months ago
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Let’s discuss the calming properties of this song.

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her daddy is a preacher

and may he rot in hell

cause I’d sell my soul to Satan for

a bucket from your well

— 10 months ago
Better Man – Pearl Jam →

It’s really depressing when you are sitting in your room by yourself drinking wine out of the bottle listening to this song and crying, especially when you really don’t have a good excuse like PMS or a bad break up or whatever. just fucking life I guess.

I hate it because I know I have pretty much the best life ever. I have the best job, the coolest friends, I do amazing things, I love my life. I just kind of hate myself.

— 11 months ago
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I was just thinking about a world in which the Beatles never existed and got really sad until I remembered that I am not a part of that reality. 

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